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Secure Transport and Logistics

Secure Transport and Logistics for private companies includes the safe and secure transportation of valuable goods or individuals through the use of highly trained and protection personnel, specialized vehicles, advanced technology, and strict adherence to regulations and procedures, regardless of location.

Maritime Security

Maritime Security for private companies involves protecting vessels, ports, and other Maritime related infrastructure from security threats through the use of specialized personnel, advanced technology, and adherence to international regulations and standards.

Close & Executive Protection

 We provide provisions for adviement, consultation, risk mitigation and/or physical personal protection by our trained and experienced close protection agents or team to the principal/protectee or group of individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location. 

Disaster Response & Relief

Disaster Response & Relief services for Government entities, private municipalities and/or companies, to providing immediate assistance and support during natural or man-made disasters. To facilitate the safety and security of affected individuals and communities, as well as the protection of critical infrastructure and assets.

Asset Protection

At Apex Risk Mitigation LLC, we offer Asset Protection services to safeguard your valuable assets against theft, damage, or other forms of risk or sabotage. Our comprehensive approach includes physical security measures, such as access controls and surveillance systems, as well as experienced personnel to monitor and respond to potential threats.

Risk & Threat Assessment

At Apex Risk Mitigation LLC, we offer Risk & Threat Assessment services to help identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities. Our experienced professionals conduct comprehensive assessments using a variety of methodologies, including site inspections, interviews, and data analysis. We provide detailed reports with actionable recommendations to mitigate identified risks and threats and enhance an overall secure posture.

fire watch

   We Provide a temporary service short or long term, intended to ensure continuous and systematic surveillance of a building, or portion of the building, by our qualified individuals for the purpose of identifying and controlling fire hazards, detecting early signs of fire, activating an alarm and/ or notifying the Fire Department and Emergency Services

Non-Permissive Environments

We provide secure solutions for Non-Permissive Environments, including hostile territories, civil unrest, and other challenging situations. Our highly trained personnel have the expertise to operate in these environments and deliver effective advisement and solutions, ensuring the safety and protection of clients and assets.

Non-Government Organizations Protection

Missionary & NGO Protection is a service that provides specialized solutions to organizations operating in challenging environments. Our team of experts formulate comprehensive plans for advisement and consultation as well as provide on-site support to ensure the safety and protection of personnel and assets in the field.

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